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The intellectual game Spelling Bee is gaining popularity and is currently in the top places. This interesting online word game is based on an entertaining competition for the most accurate and fastest correct spelling and pronunciation of a word. Today, there is no need to gather in halls, just download the game or open it online and improve your linguistic skills, improve your spelling and enrich your vocabulary.

The task is quite simple and suitable for even the youngest users. The subject matter of the vocabulary, the complexity of the words, and other indicators may vary. The player receives a set of letters to be used to form as many words as possible.

Rules of the Spelling Bee game

The design of the playing field is based on a honeycomb shape. Each of the cells contains letters that need to be used to form words. In the center of the design is a letter that must be used in each word.

The player's goal is to make as many words as possible. Each of them must contain at least 4 letters, one of which is from the central cell of the cell.

Letters can be used more than once to form a word. Guess the words and create your own list of found lexemes and demonstrate your rich vocabulary.

As in every game, Spelling Bee rewards players for their achievements and successes. The result is displayed in the points system. For each correctly spelled word of four letters, the player receives 1 point on the score. This is the minimum number of points a participant can get. Improve your results by making words of 5 or more letters. In this case, one point will be added to your account for each letter used. Don't give up and demonstrate your intellectual abilities by setting record results.

Get to know the pangrams. This is the name of a word in the game that uses all the letters from the cell. If you manage to use all the letters from the game, get 7 bonus points to your account. This word is encrypted in each puzzle game.

If it's hard to find the next word, try using the shuffle option. This will allow you to see other combinations of letters and encourage you to create new words.

How to play

From beginner to genius

Each player starts at the beginning as a beginner. As the game progresses, they gain points and expand their vocabulary, and advance to the next rank. On the screen, you can track not only the score but also the number of points you need to score. To get the next rank. Win the puzzle and get the title of genius.

The game is great for healthy rest and relaxation. Organize competitions with friends and set records in the game.

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