Do you like to decipher puzzles? The game Cladder will allow you to use the full potential of your logical thinking. The player needs to guess 10 hidden words.

There are ten tips in total. Use them as you wish. The player is given only 60 seconds to guess. Keep track of time, otherwise you will lose!

✅ Rules of the Cladder game

At the beginning the game gives you one word. This is where decoding begins. Along with the phrase, a hint will be given that will lead you to the correct answer. Use the letters from the known word further and solve all the hidden cells.

The player is not penalized for incorrect answers to clues. There are two passes for the entire game. However, each of them will be worth seconds of filmed time. The game has three modes:

• complex – the system will not tell you which letter to replace;

• choice – instead of guessing the whole word, players can change letters individually;

• training mode – game timer is turned off.

In hard mode, your nickname will be indicated by an asterisk. Passes are not allowed here. Compete with other players in difficult mode and show everyone your level of analytical thinking!

Similar to Wordle, Cladder updates the puzzle every day. You have exactly one day to correctly decipher all the words.

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