Do you like to train your brain? Then the game Phrazle is perfect. This is not just entertainment, but a trainer of logic and resourcefulness. The goal of the game is simple - to guess all the unknown words. However, you shouldn't relax. Phrazle does not give the player any specific rules. You yourself come up with a strategy for guessing hidden words.

The player must form several phrases. There are only six attempts to guess it correctly. Be careful - you need to understand the pattern of the hidden words. This is the key to solving the word puzzle.

✅ Rules of the Phrazle game

The basic features of the game are reminiscent of the popular Wordle. At first the player will see empty cells. Here you need to insert the letters that are supposed to be in the hidden phrase. As the cells are filled in, the user will receive several color prompts:

• green – correct letter, in the correct cell;

• orange – the letter is in the word, but not in this cell;

• purple – the letter is in the phrase, but not in this word;

• gray – there is no such letter here.

Use analytical thinking. This way you will determine which words can be included in the phrase. Pay attention to grammar, this is an opportunity to immediately discard unnecessary options.

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