Rhyme Time game

Rhyme Time is inspired by the classic Quordle game. If you like puzzles, you will definitely like this entertainment. The game will require from you not only a sufficient vocabulary. It is important to include logical thinking. The user will have to think about the encrypted phrase and also select the other two. The main goal is to form words so that they rhyme.

✅ How to play Rhyme Time game?

Rhyme Time is a brainstorm style game. First, the player is given three fields with cells. Some letters are already open. They can be repeated in each of the three phrases. The user's task is to find all three words that rhyme with each other.

There are no special rules in the game. The player himself chooses the tactics for guessing letters and words. At the end, you will see how successful your strategy was - the number of phrases guessed is recorded in statistics.

A few tips:

• For each round there can be several correct decisions;

• If you can’t guess the word, use the hint;

• We recommend starting with words with fewer letters.

The hint will tell you whether the selected letter is present in one of the three words. But be careful - help only works once a day. The following opportunity will only be available in a new building, which is updated every day. Don't use the hint in vain.

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