Weaver Unlimited

Another interesting puzzle game will delight users. Weaver Unlimited has a lot of similarities with other word games. Its distinguishing feature is the lack of restrictions. Thanks to this approach, users can run the word board alone or play in a company. There are no complicated rules here, but they can be invented independently. For example, limit the time to guess the word or specify the number of moves.

✅ How to play Weaver Unlimited?

The playing field contains words of 4 letters. Initially, the user should write the word, then replace one letter at a time and write the result in the next line. Only real words take part in the game. No swear words or proper names. Weaver Unlimited helps to develop logic, find a way out of the situation.

By standard, the game has hints. They are made in the classic color scheme:

- green - the correct letter;

- yellow - the letter is in the word, but it is written in the wrong order;

- gray - the letter should not be there.

Words can be inscribed an unlimited number of times until the player guesses it. After that the puzzle is finished and you can open a new game.

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