The game Feudle will help you to test your intuition. It is designed so that the user doubted his actions, but after completing the task was able to make sure that he was right. Or vice versa to realize that initially was right.

✅ How to play Feudle

The puzzle will allow you not only to develop intuition, but also to enrich your vocabulary and learn a lot about search queries. It is on them that the entire mechanism of the program is built.

In the game you need to fill the fields with words. For this purpose, the entire alphabet is used. The rules are as follows:

- 10 attempts are given for guessing a letter;

- green light means a correctly guessed letter;

- yellow color of the cell - there is a letter in the word, but it is not written correctly;

- gray color - there is no letter in the word.

Google search bar autocomplete is used as a hint. When the board is filled with words correctly, the program will automatically open a new level. Thanks to this, users can solve many different puzzles.

If you want to add fun, you can play a race with your friends - whoever guesses the word first gets a point. It is the group puzzle game that makes the process more memorable.

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