Cross Wordle

Another variant of the puzzle game is Cross Wordle, where you have to guess words. The whole alphabet is involved here. The more answers the user comes up with, the higher the chances of winning. The game is suitable for both one person and a group of users.

✅ How to play Cross Wordle

Starting the game, before the user opens a field with cells where you need to write words. They are arranged vertically and horizontally. Initially, the player is given one ready-made word, which is easier to navigate in the crossword puzzle.

Thanks to the color scheme can learn whether the letter is correctly entered:

1. Green. If the square is highlighted with this color, it means that the letter is put correctly.

2. Yellow. This color symbolizes that the letter is in the word, but it is placed incorrectly.

3. Gray. If the cell does not change color, the letter is incorrect.

4. Red. The cell is not completely filled with color, but only a corner. This means that the letter is missing.

This game will serve as an excellent assistant for brain training. The user will be able to calculate the moves ahead, guessing the scrambled words.

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