Word 500

For experienced users who love riddles and puzzles, Word 500 is a great option. This is a challenging game where you have to guess the words. The number of guessed letters is used as hints, but the system does not show which letters.

The player's task is to write down a word consisting of five letters. Once the user has done this, they can move on to a new test. If the user is not familiar with the puzzle, then it is better to start with a simple level. There are three difficulty levels in total. Word500 is also available in eight languages.

✅ How to play Word 500?

The user is given only eight chances and the discovery of a secret word. There are colored cells on the right side of the playing field - they will tell you how close the player is to winning. Each window has its own color:

• green – the letter is correct and in its place;

• yellow – the letter is correct, but it needs to be moved;

• red – the letter is missing in this word.

Turn on your logic to the maximum, because it’s not always possible to guess the encrypted word. Use tips from the system and friends to increase the chances of a positive outcome. You can play alone or in a team.

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